Writer's Guidelines

Many thanks for your concern in Spatial Magazine. In general, Spatial Magazine covers geospatial sciences and Technology (GIS, Remote sensing and related applications) in number of fields like geology, geography, environmental sciences, Imaging, surveying and Navigation, urban planning and management etc.

We welcome your contribution in the form of featured articles. These articles will be published electronically as well as in printed form later on.

Article's Length

Article should preferably consist of 1500 words and may cover variety of topics.

Writers can share their studies and research ideas covering broad spectrum, including following types of articles:

General Articles: About geospatial industry, trends, and business area including major players, social implications and challenges.

Applications: Various solutions that geospatial technology offers in different scenarios.

Tutorials: General or defined steps to implement a technology.

Product reviews: Impartial Evaluation and remarks of different unique products including hardware, software, data, services etc.

Style Guidelines

We don not restrict writers to any specific style; however use of standard formatting styles is highly encouraged.

Author biographies

A two-line biography of the author(s) is requested along-with the article text that must include the author(s)' name(s), title(s), or organization(s), and website(s)/e-mail address (es).


Send via e-mail given below. We will confirm receipt of material however we do not guarantee the publishing of submitted material. The quality of contents will ensure whether it should be published or not.


We will appreciate the inclusion of digital graphics in featured articles; need to be submitted along with the manuscript including their descriptions. Kindly submit digital file in GIF or JPEG format no wider or lesser than 600 pixels.


Spatial Magazine gives priority to submit those articles that have not yet been published elsewhere. Also, all material should be properly referenced and non-plagiarized.


All rights are reserved for Spatial Magazine on all published material.

Note: Spatial Magazine does not pay for articles at the moment.

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