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Spatial Magazine is an exclusive magazine for geospatial sciences and technology. It values the treasure of your knowledge by giving an opportunity to write on geospatial technology. Express your views to the global audience and receive recognition.

Spatial Magazine Course/Program Search Facility does not only include Geographic Information System (GIS),Remote Sensing, Geospatial Sciences, rather, features exclusive search support for the available relevant courses offered by the universities all over the world. These course(s) include Environmental Sciences/management, Geology, Geography, GIS Surveying/mapping, Urban/Regional Planning and Conservation etc. The magazine also features renowned GIS books. Spatial Magazine is encouraged to play its part in GIS Education. For this purpose, we update you regarding all the events i.e. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Trainings, seminars, and GIS conferences organized/arranged by renowned institutes and companies/organizations on GIS mapping, GIS systems and soft wares etc. Spatial Magazine also offers easy search facility for International Scholarships and Financial Aids exclusively for geospatial sciences.

Recently, Spatialmag has also launched its weekly newsletter 'Spatial Minutes', which quite insightful and informative when it comes to GIS data and Geospatial information. It answers the questions of what is GIS, and what are its applications.

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