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Spatial Magazine offers slots for the placement of your advertisements on different pages. Comprehending the nature and scope of your business, products and services, we can help you in expanding your market through banner advertisements.

Banner advertisement will not only result into 'branding', but also increase in your website traffic thus escalating your product sales.

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Media Partnership

Media Partnership is a best way to exchange interests. If you are looking for ways to promote your products, services or your firm, working in any of the Geospatial sector, like in natural resources, social systems and the built environment, or developments in computer science, cartography, surveying, geography and engineering in both developed and developing countries, you are at right place.

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Facebook Promotion & Advertising

Spatial Magazine offers campaign management service on facebook in very clear terms. We charge against the service for the creation and management of PPC and CPM campaigns, whereas, amount required for running a campaign is charged as per actual or directly paid by client. This service is only for the Geospatial technologies and services.

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